AKA Fire Dragons

Quick post to show early stage work on the “AKA Fire Dragon” Aspect Warriors.  I’m going to go with a working title of “Storm Kraken” for these, imagining intense lightning like plasma weapons, rather than fire.  Right now I’m guessing they look very much like Kabalite Warriors with Shredders.

Not so surprising, of course, as that’s what they are.  I’m hoping once I have several of them all stood together and consistent in terms of head and weapon, they will start standing out a little more.

The only real conversion being done is in the skin/teeth loin cloths.  In this early edit I have simply shaved away the bone/teeth details with craft knife and glass paper.  More work is needed on that.  Getting them consistent across the five initial models feels important, so I think I’ll take a blade across the lower section to cut it to a diagonal slash, facing aggressively forward.  There’s another similar legs to do the same to, then two legs wit loin cloths I will try to do with greenstuff.  From there I will have a think about the Exarch, driven by the success of the green stuff sculpt.  If that worked, I’ll use the loin cloth with armoured section as the Exarch base.

The Exarch should also get the “Dark Lance” to indicate “Fire Pike” kit.  That looks a little crazy at the moment, simply due to scale.

Otherwise work continues cleaning models.  I think I’ve tagged up a first selection of 5x Wraithblades, 5x Storm Kraken, 10x Dire Avengers (Guardian models with DA Exarch) and Farseer as a first wave to build and undercoat.  Moving slowly, cleaning fastidiously.


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