And still cleaning…

One benefit of the Citadeal mould line removal tool over a craft knife is that you can use it both safely and legally on public transport.  Along with some fine glass paper – sometimes rolled, sometimes folded – it’s allowing me to get more cleaning done on the commute into work.

I’ve really focused on getting 10 Guardians finished, and we’re nearly there.  Then I’ll glue, greenstuff and finish prep.  I’ll base them alongside the Wraithblades, Farseer and AKA Fire Dragons.

What they end up being tabled as is still in the air.  More and more Guardians look point for point better value than DA’s.  I might revise my Craftword fluff – perhaps another interpretation of having fewer Aspect Shrines and less resources would be that Guardians are a Nelequë Aspect Warrior.  I might re-fluff to make things a little more Sparta/Naggaroth – where the first path all must walk is that of the warrior.  This is a weeding out of the weak; perhaps due to the need to keep population tight in the face of a harsh, somewhat broken Craftworld biome, perhaps due to the demand that all must be qualified to fight, perhaps both.

We’ll see, but work on the train is allowing things to progress more rapidly than before.  Look forward to showing the models glued with prep finished soon.


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